Voice Training for Crossdressers

Crossdressers voice trainingVoice Training Videos for Crossdressers: Here are some great tips on voice training. Voice feminization opens to door to many possibilities for crossdressers who wish to pass in public. On this page, we provide three great videos with different techniques for vocal feminization. Enjoy the videos and we’d love to hear about your experience with voice training.

How to Talk Like a Girl: Voice Feminization

Many crossdressers struggle with their voices sounding and being perceived as masculine. Rubi came up with an idea using an app called pitched lab (which is free) available for iPhone iPad androids). This app will help you get your voice up to a female range in two easy steps. The app tells you the amount per second your vocal chords are vibrating. Note that the faster they are vibrating per second the more feminine your voice is going to sound. Download the app and open it, then count from 1 to 10 ascending 1 pitch per number as you go up to 10. The goal is to get your voice to a c4 on PitchLab. Once you get to a c4, practice reading and talking as much as you can on that pitch. Keep practicing until your brain adjusts to instinctively talking in that pitch. Good luck ladies!

Voice Feminization Training for MtF – Top 5 Strategies

You do not need surgery to change the pitch of your voice. Yes, it is possible for virtually any male voice to sound feminine, with a little practice. The male voice has a wide range, so voice feminization is a matter of training the muscles to reach a higher pitch while softening the tone.

Suddenly Sara – Transgender Voice Training

Sara created this video due to many requests for her voice feminization techniques. She demonstrates her typically male original voice, followed by some voice training tips. Sara provides encouragement not to lose hope because your voice can be trained to sound feminine — certainly feminine enough to pass in public.

Want to learn more about voice feminization for crossdressers? We highly recommend a review of the free crossdresser voice training videos at Youtube. Our advice is to at least glance at the reviews of each video to focus in on the training videos that may be most helpful for you. Also, bear in mind that there are different voice feminization techniques presented in the videos. You will do well to check them out, give them a try and then focus in on the crossdresser voice training videos that are most helpful for you.