Male to Female Transformation

Crossdresser Transformation: Male to Female

Here are two inspirational male to female crossdresser transformation videos. Enjoy and be sure to check out our other passing tips for crossdressers.

Get Ready with Me (Going to a Party)

By Sherwynne Jhan: Hi guys I hope you enjoy this video! A lot of you have requested another boy to girl transformation so here it is 🙂
A delightfully comedic and inspiring transition video from male to female, showing the makeup process, wig styling and putting on sexy high heels (try not to get excited!). Absolutely gorgeous!

Boy to Girl Transformation

By MakebyCacio: Transformation Video: Boy To Girl Transformation | Helena Petrova
A stunning crossdresser transformation video showing the beginning male form, followed by makeup, wig styling to become a gorgeous, passable female.

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